Monday, May 9, 2011

Pres Kabacoff: Notorious Bastard

Pres Kabacoff is a piece of shit millionaire developer who's opening the Healing Center that is soon to be filled with Guardian Angels vigilantes. In years prior the building was also a rent-free home for the NOPD, who audaciously hosted a "Jailhouse of Horrors" haunted house one Halloween--as if we needed an imitation OPP to terrorize us. I wonder if it cost extra to get shot in the back?

Destroyer of the St. Thomas Projects, builder of hideous condos, Wal-Mart partner, and general rich bastard, Pres thinks people will forget about all that when his insane wife opens her "eccentric" project on St. Claude Ave. Healing means collectively controlling our future. Pres continues to impose his will. The dictatorship of Capital continues.

Now he wants to get the contract to tear down the Iberville housing development, but that won't happen without a fight. HUD says they are doing it based on the "success" of the HOPE VI program, but over 2 years later, none of the developments that were torn down using HOPE VI grants during the contentious public housing struggle have yet to provide 1-to-1 replacement of homes for those displaced, which was promised by the government in order to build support for the demolitions. He wants to make even more money off of the displacement of the most vulnerable people in our city.

And oh yeah, he lives at 840 Pauline Street right near your friends cheap shotgun rental in the cool part of town.
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  2. Please, read this:

  3. SOOO, you support crime ridden public housing projects then? why, are you a dope dealer or just support the criminal element?

  4. That warehouse was a billion dollar problem. The roof a curved one was way to expensive to fix. Press Kahacoff made it into a beautiful atrium and walkway.The warehouse had a church in it that stole food from the people Katrina food boxes.Now artists live there. The rent is high but artists who make it are nice too.I like the way they are open to us as well.The park is scary no shade and all plastic.I live right around the corner.
    Buskers Bunkhouse 712 Alvar St 70117