Sunday, April 15, 2012


Reposted from Nola Indymedia
by the May Day Organizing Committee

Every May 1st for the past 122 years anti-capitalists have commemorated the anarchist martyrs of Haymarket Square by orchestrating direct actions against the ruling class. With general strikes now being called in cities across the US, May Day 2012 could be the most eventful global day of action since the labor movements of the pre-WWII era.

As our contribution to this monumental May Day, we in New Orleans are organizing a march against capitalism. From anti-police brutality organizing and gentrification resistance, to defense of the Gulf Coast and the park occupations against financial capitalism, we take the streets for all the causes that seek our liberation from capitalist domination. We encourage everyone to come out with banners, chants, noise makers and a passion for freedom.

The anti-capitalist march will begin after the May Day Labor March for worker's rights, which we also strongly encourage everyone to attend. The exact meeting time and place of both marches are coming soon. Stay tuned to Nola Indymedia and Nola Anarcha for updates.


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  1. my favorite thing to see in this nola are the anti-BP stickers slapped on the back of cars, trucks, and SVUs. i seriously doubt the people of New Orleans are actually outraged by the environmental damage, but more about their exploitative investments being questioned. can't scrape the last bit of seafood off the ocean floor to throw at a tourist when its poisoned.
    but hey, Shell is cool cuz they bring Jazz Fest, right.