Sunday, February 26, 2012

BP Protest: Wed. February 29th at 1pm at 1250 Poydras St.

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  1. why protest BP when they are a company responding to our desperate need for oil? if our culture weren't so spoiled in our happy motoring, the demand to drill deeper would not have been so strong. protest the gas stations, the highways, the car lots, the band who sell their music to car commercials. BP won't stop until we do.

    1. you're statement is only true if you think that the people in the society create the structural and institutional framework in which they live, rather than being created by it.

      anarchists and others who understand anything about how social systems function know that you're analysis is completely backwards. but we are told daily that our consumer choices matter, so it makes sense you'd come to such a conclusion.

      but all you have to do is go to europe to see how dramatically different policies regarding things like gas taxes, public transportation infrastructure, density decisions for urban planning, etc... all effect how much people drive and how much oil they use. and those policies, in the US, are all shaped almost entirely by the massive influence of the money of the oil and gas industries. look up the story of how car companies bought up all the public transit and destroyed it in the first half of the 20th century so people would need cars. that is only the most extreme example. BP has lobbyists in DC every day fighting for every law, policy, and institutional framework possible to keep people driving as much as possible so they make more money.

      you're blaming the water for taking the shape of the glass. get it?

  2. Re: "...desperate need for oil"? Desperate is the earthquake victims in Haiti. Desperate is being homeless or a single mother. Desperate does not apply to a non-renewable, dirty, polluting, unsustainable energy source. Sorry.
    I would neither describe BP CEO's nor BP stockholders as "desperate."

  3. Demonstration reports: This website has great photos of some amazing actions that happened all over the US at the same time as the BP protest, which the BP protest was tied in with.
    video from the protest:
    there were many reporters there, but i can't find any news coverage. if people see any, please post a link here.

  4. Radio program about the protest and BP/oil spills: (the March 1 program)