Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The "Paw Paw Bandit" Bank Robber! A Hero For Our Times!

How Grandpa Got His Groove Back
A man the FBI is calling the Paw Paw Bandit has robbed 4 banks in Jefferson Parish so far, and we are cheering him on! Unfortunately, the FBI stopped telling the media how much bank robbers get during their robberies, because they thought it was encouraging others to rob banks, but we hope he got a lot! It was probably also because the FBI, and the banks they work for, were constantly embarrassed by average Americans who knew who the real criminals were and were able to go out and get some of their money back!

For hundreds of years, OUR wealth, first in the form of communally held lands, then in taxes on our products and later in the form of our very labor itself, has been stolen from us and concentrated in the hands of a wealthy elite. Banks are part of that wealthy elite, and robbing them is only getting back a fraction of what's been stolen over generations from us all.

Stop and think for a moment the terrorism this system can put people through so that they'd risk 25 years in prison while in their 60s just to get what they need to survive. How backed into a corner they can make us, that we'd risk being stuck in a prison cell for the few remaining years of the only life we get on this planet, just to have the money to survive with dignity. How truly sickening this damn system has become! How can we allow such a system that subjects our elders to such barbarity and makes them go to such extreme lengths to go on for even one day longer? We are on the side of every bank robber, and we hope y'all are, too.
So, to Paw Paw, we say: Geaux, Paw Paw, Geaux!

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