Thursday, November 10, 2011

Noise Demo against OPP!

Originally posted on Nola Indymedia:

Solidarity Noise Demo at Orleans Parish Prison (OPP), New Orleans, LA, USA.

OPP Solidarity Noise...
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A group of about two dozen protesters marched to the fences of OPP at Broad & Tulane November 9th banging pots and pans and shouting chants. The prisoners could be seen inside the prison from stories above waving their arms and pieces of clothing. The event was described as a noise making act to let the prisoners know there are others outside that stand in solidarity with them.

OPP Solidarity Noise...
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OPP Solidarity Noise...
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OPP Solidarity Noise...
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OPP Solidarity Noise...
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A few hundred copies of the following text were thrown about in front of the court house:

We are a group of outraged individuals who are banding together with our collective voice to shout out against the oppressive institution that is Orleans Parish Prison. While funds are being mismanaged, schools underfunded, and community resources are being drained the prison continues to grow. As the length of stay at OPP increases, people are kept from their families and communities for longer and longer.

The city wants us to forget them.

Today we use our privilege by lifting our voices to break through the walls that separate us from our caged brothers and sisters that have been swallowed by this monstrosity that causes more damage than it even thinks
to heal.

We seek to build on the work that has been and continues to be done by the activists in this city, country, and  world.

We are here to speak out against the injustices that occur every hour of every day in the name of false security. Today we may not be able to shatter these divides, but these walls will tremble with the voices of those inside and out.

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