Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Killer Danziger Cops NOT GUILTY of Murder. What?!?

The cops who shot and stomped 2 innocent people to death and shot several others were found guilty of shooting them and violating their civil rights in a verdict handed down by a jury last Friday. However, the officers were found NOT guilty of murder.

What does it take for a police officer to be found guilty of murder? Apparently a jury made up of other people than 11 whites and 1 black person. Apparently more than testimony from other cops, eyewitnesses, and admissions by officers involved and those involved in the cover-up. What does it take? If these were not cops, but instead were rappers or other young black men, all it would take is uncorroborated testimony from a jailhouse snitch without any real evidence at all. This verdict does nothing but support the obvious conclusion that in our system, justice is a fraud, a charade, and a farce.
This statement must be repeated over and over so that we don't allow this "justice" system to get away with such an insult to New Orleanians who were terrified, shot, and killed on that awful day, and for those who will continue to die at the hands of the police in the future unless we stand up and say something about it now.

The sentencing is set for December 14th. Meet at 8pm at Canal and Rampart on that date to speak out and the demand the changes to the police you think our city needs to stop this from happening ever again.