Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Marie-Grace and Cecile

Sometimes you come across a story your heart moves you to share. The friendship of Marie-Grace and Cecile is just such a story, because (as author Denise Lewis Patrick explains) "the friendship of Marie-Grace and Cecile is very special. They are friends of the heart."

While not all readers of this blog will be familiar with the American Girl® series of dolls, storybooks and films, perhaps just as few will be acquainted with the important New Orleans history embodied in Cecile and Marie-Grace, an exciting new pair of dolls and storybooks from American Girl®.

You see, Marie-Grace and Cecile had superficial differences-- Marie-Grace was an aristocratic free person of color, and a native New Orleanian, while Cecile was a merchant-class American, part of a wave of Americans from the North who came to New Orleans and built what's today known as Uptown. They had different backgrounds, different complexions-- even spoke different languages! (Marie-Grace spoke French)

Their inspirational story, set in 1853, shows that even individuals from different backgrounds can form understandings-- and friendships, through the universal language of friendship and respect. "At the moment they speak, and she looks into Marie-Grace's eyes, they feel a connection," Lewis Patrick says, explaining a key moment of the series. "It's a possible friendship connection."

They both have to make this little gap, this little jump," says Sarah Masters Buckley, author of the Marie-Grace series. "The fact they're willing to take this little jump makes all the difference in their lives... both girls learn from that."

No matter what age we, or our children are, couldn't we all stand to learn from that too?

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  1. I don't understand what buying dolls and accessories will do for the cause. Maybe this could focus on the positive message of Marie-Grace and Cecile without the explicit call to purchase their merchandise?

  2. Why is there a doll advertisement on your website? Did you get hacked?

  3. Hack, surely. This is too weird....

  4. I thought it was acid sarcasm tinged with LSD

  5. Amazing. I bought 3.

  6. Thank you for sharing this, Nola Annarcha! I have to admit, I don't always agree with all your ideas, but this I can get behind 100%! Thank you! So inspiring!

    Have a blessed day!

  7. this article is only made better by the humorless out of town commenters!


  8. Totally silly to mention, especially since any Madison, Wisconsin people could tell you that the owner of the doll company (who sold it to Mattel) has played a large part in gentrifying downtown Madison via the Overture Center.