Monday, May 16, 2011

How To Wheatpaste

In much of Europe, anarchist posters are everwhere
A local creation
You may have noticed some of the beautiful radical posters going up around town, and thought to yourself: "I'd like to breathe some life into the streets, and I've got something to say, too!" 
Well, courtesy of the D.I.Y. Wheatpasting Free School class, here is the recipe for making wheatpaste:
-Whisk together 1 cup of white flour and 3 cups of water
-Whisk constantly and heat in a pot on high until the mix boils, then turn to low and cook for 10 minutes
-Add water if mix is too thick (should be about the consistency of tomato soup)
-Allow mix 30 minutes to cool before using. If it thickens too much while cooling, stir in more water
-Use within 2 days or it will go bad
-Apply paste to surface, stick poster to surface, then apply a layer of paste over the poster
Send in photos of your own anarchist art/propaganda/advertising!

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