Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Waguespacks: A Crime Family Inside NOPD

With yet another story hinting at the scandals waiting to ooze out from within NOPD when it's scabs are peeled away, a familiar name once again emerges from the human cesspool on Broad Street: Waguespack.
The Waguespack family name is one synonymous with scandal inside NOPD. Here is just a taste of the awful things this pack of hyenas has been caught for while running their mob family inside NOPD. Of course, there are surely many more sickening incidents that have never come to light. Why do we continue to let these predators into our neighborhoods, into our schools, into our homes, into our businesses? Why do we continue to give these abusers free coffee, paid "details," and other kickbacks in exchange for a reprieve from their terror?
Would it not be better to get rid of people who use the threat of legalized violence to terrorize our communities, backed by a blind court system unwilling to sanction the indiscretions of it's running dogs, once and for all?
Joseph Waguespack and Henry Glover, and Payroll Fraud
Joe Waguespack Jr. and Jernard Thomas


  1. I seem to remember a Waguespack being the cop who shot Shotgun Joe Williams. Does anyone know for sure?

  2. the Louisiana Justice Institute linked to this post:


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