Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Iron Rail begins anew!

80 days after the NOPD broke its own laws to evict the Iron Rail from its location in the ARC at 511 Marigny, New Orleans' only anarchist bookstore and library has returned...but this time the black flag has unfurled in the French Quarter!

Yesterday the Iron Rail opened its doors onto 503 Barracks next to Decatur, across the street from local coffee shop Envie's, and next door to our friends at Gnome and Riot Supply Co. Well into the night food and wine were served and art displayed. Old and new faces streamed in and out of the boutique as folks celebrated the new space and satiated their suppressed appetites for rebellious readings.

Continuing its commitment to social struggle through providing radical literature, culture and politics to New Orleans, the Iron Rail will resume its round-the-week schedule everyday from 12 to 6. Come one, come all and check out the new space!


  1. Another article about the re-opening from the cool people at Press Street:

  2. I was looking at your site for the first time and am fucking blown away by how seemingly on top of their shit Nola @'s are. Good luck with destroying the impediments to freedom in your area.

    -Tristan Tzara

  3. That man is not Tzara. That man talks like a child of a Republican.
    Signed, Tzara