Friday, June 24, 2011

Critical Mass and Other Events

Come out to protest the ticketing of bikers in the French Quarters and to display an expression of bike power and solidarity by riding in Critical Mass today, Friday, June 24, at 6pm. Meet at Jackson Square. Hopefully it won't be raining.

Also, come out on Tuesday at 7pm to the Iron Rail Book Collective's benefit extravaganza at Zeitgeist.

Help Free Spyboy Ricky, a Mardi Gras Indian currently kidnapped for ransom at OPP. Read more here. NOLA Anarcha donated $20. Match us!

UPDATE 6/25/2011: YES! Spy Boy Ricky is FREE, thanks to the solidarity of so many caring and generous souls who raised the needed $5400 in no time! Look for him this Sunday with his tambourine. (Uptown Swingers second line, and Super Sunday downtown.) Amazing! A win for us! The only sad part is that $5400 went to the prison system instead of being able to raise that money for a worthy program for kids or other people who could use it for something positive in our city. The prison system is a vampire sucking the blood out of our communities to keep itself alive. Some day we're going to have to kill it. Read an interview with Ricky after he got out.

Ricky is now FREE! Check it out! What amazing solidarity!

let's go get 'em

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