Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Planting Drugs is Standard Procedure for Local Cops

An Algiers man arrested in January on drug charges had his charges dropped recently after proving that the officers who arrested him were even worse at lying than most NOPD cops are, and they had lied about his arrest. He also said the drugs on him were planted by the cops. Alvin Bean was lucky.

This is a story very familiar to many people in New Orleans. Cops stop someone, take their drugs, then plant them on someone else later. How many times have the officer's account of an arrest been impossible for the defendant to prove false in similar situations? It must be hundreds. What kind of monsters would ruin someone's life like this? Only people who have been filled with pure evil by such an irredeemably soul-destroying institution as the police department.

Hopefully one day we will break free of the state's control over our communities, and all those who have been railroaded into prison by cops better at lying than these 2 idiots will have the chance to get their revenge. This is most certainly a primary reason why cops and the wealthy elites cops serve fight so hard to maintain the current system: they fear the vengeance they know is coming for them from all those whose lives they've destroyed in pursuit of wealth and power.

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  1. Follow up:

    While the 2 cops are charged with minor offenses, where are the federal civil rights violation charges for PLANTING EVIDENCE??????? Let's hope they come down soon! And Birks needs to be FIRED already!