Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Krewe of Eris 12 Formally Charged with Crimes for Being Beaten by Police

In a slap in the face to all the citizens of this city who expect protection from police brutality, 12 people who were beaten bloody by NOPD during the Krewe of Eris parade have now been charged with crimes, some of them serious. This system is so damn good at blaming the victim sometimes!

I have to get personal on this one:  My friend, who is a pacifist teetotaler, and was playing the clarinet in the band at the parade, is one of the Eris 12. At the parade during his arrest he had his cheek bone broken, his head split open (requiring stitches), his clarinet broken, and he got tazered three times. Why must he now must be subjected to still further abuse at the hands of the horrible DA's office by being charged with a false crime, adding further insult to injury? 
We all know this system doesn't actually protect us, but it still makes me sick to my stomach when they subject people I love to such indignity and humiliation, after already failing to do what they claim is their job, to "protect and serve" people to keep them safe from violence and crime. The criminals that awful night were a gang of violent psychopaths sporting their blue gang colors and attacking people with weapons. This affair is just sickening and pathetic. It's yet another example of the cruelty of the this system, and the callous nature of those in power in Louisiana. Ugh. Solidarity is our only hope!


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  2. Uh, the part where they beat up and tazered and arrested multiple people who were not damaging any property. What part of that don't you get?

  3. There is some absolutely horrific video of the 5th Dist beating ppl down that is gonna be released post-trial... it's gonna cost some of these jumped-up 5th District "badasses" their jobs. mark my words.

    so... if any of you 5th Dist. cowboys in blue are lettered enough to read the internet: Enjoy your aircondition patrolcar while you can, assholes, because you'll be sweating in the breadline before much longer. you out here lookin reeeeeal dirty on some crystal-clear video. ain't technology amazing????? it's not like the bad old days where you just do your dirt & lie on the stand.

    but look on the bright side, maybe once you're fired your hooker of a dist. captain can get you a nice deskjob reviewing redlight cam footage... ain't technology amazing...


    Saying she was confused by the facts at hand, a New Orleans judge today did not dismiss charges and set a trial date for two people accused of disturbing the peace at a raucous, unpermitted Eris parade in Faubourg Marigny during Carnival, which was broken up by Taser-firing police.

    Two of the 12 people charged in the melee have argued that the charge is vague — with eight possible actions that could fit — and wanted the District Attorney’s Office to make clear exactly what they did wrong. If prosecutors couldn’t do that, the pair wanted a Criminal District Court judge to dismiss the charges.

    Ron Morrison, 24, and Jonathan Cromwell, 30, filed the motions to quash last week.

    Attorney John Adcock filed motions June 27, asking prosecutors to be more specific. District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro’s office responded July 18, saying that Morrison and Cromwell could be guilty of four of the possible eight violations under the law. The subsequent motions to quash argue the state needs to be still more specific, saying precisely which violation or violations the defendants are accused of.

    But the District Attorney’s Office remained firm today.

    “The reason we have had to highlight four is that it’s the state’s position that the defendants are accused of violation all four,” said Assistant District Attorney Kyle Daly.

    Adcock argued that the state continues to be vague.

    “If they’re saying my clients are accused of violent and tumultuous behavior with more than three people, then I need to meet these people and interview them,” Adcock said. “If they are arguing that my clients caused alarm to the public, then I need to interview the members of the public who supposedly felt alarm.”

    Judge Robin Pittman asked Adcock to file follow-up papers to more clearly explain his position.

    “You are confusing the court,” Pittman said. “Maybe you need to revise your request and make it specific enough so that the state and the court can understand exactly what it is you’re looking for.”

    The case is set for trial on Sept. 23. Adcock and the District Attorney’s Office declined comment.