Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two Drug War Hostages Resist Being Kidnapped by Houma Police

Two people were arrested in Houma recently for trying to rally neighbors to stop the all-too-common violence of the police against them. Unfortunately, they were arrested, and for their completely logical response to being stopped and searched for drugs by men with guns, they were given extra charges of inciting a riot, were electrocuted with a Taser, and now sit in jail facing $100,000 bonds. Two more people from our neighborhoods, disappeared.

If anyone is guilty of inciting a riot, it is the police. Every time they demand people hand over their drugs, at the threat of lethal violence if they don't, and with the guarantee of being kidnapped by the gang in blue if they do (and aren't rich enough to afford prescription drugs), it is an outrage worthy of a riot. One should happen every time the cops try this bullshit. How many thousands of mostly people of color must be targeted in the war on drugs before people will riot?
The WWL account of the arrest is below, which makes it sound as if the police were just innocently trying to "identify a car." Right. They were wolves out hunting more prey, hunting more warm bodies for the prison system to feast on, more bodies to justify their paychecks, more bodies deemed expendable, deemed surplus labor by the dictatorship of Capital and given only two options: become a slave laborer in prison, or simply die.

This time they found two people not content to become human sacrifices of our system's genocidal machinations without a fight. Good for them! May they be the first of millions!

Via WWL:
A mother and son were arrested Thursday night for allegedly trying to encourage a crowd of Daniel Turner Court residents to harm Terrebonne narcotics agents.

Leslie Carson, 34, and Keith George, 19, both of 1313 Memory Lane, encouraged other residents to attack agents while they worked to identify a car, police said.

When agents tried to arrest Carson, George lunged at officers and tried to attack them, authorities said. George refused to calm down, authorities said, and agents were forced to use a Taser to stop the attack and arrest him.

Carson is being held at the Terrebonne Parish jail in lieu of a $100,000 bond, while George is being held awaiting a bond hearing.

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  1. I'm glad not many others were hurt. Messing with the drug deale..I mean enforcement agents that are messing with you can be deadly. Unfortunately the now appropriate response is that "it's not wrong/problem to me, but it's illegal under federal law" - what a back and forth response, a wimp out really. Glad you have some analysis of the incident, because that WWL source is extremely vague; but that shouldn't be a shocker either. Temper the steel in South Louisiana, N. Louisiana is already like a cage :(